History of the Rings
The Rings are a modern reincarnation of a classic training tool that has been around for hundreds of years. There are illustrations of ring exercises in training manuals dating back to the 1800’s.

The Unique Value of Ring Training
Ring training is time tested and proven effective by thousands of gymnasts. For fitness, the Rings are even better, because by adjusting the height, you have access to new exercises not possible on traditional gymnastics rings. For example, you can now experience push-ups in a whole new light. The mobility of the rings forces you to stabilize them constantly, thus increasing muscular recruitment through your whole body. The mobility also allows for variations not possible on the floor or push-up stands.
The efficiency of your workouts will improve as you incorporate ring exercises in place of their traditional counterparts. By integrating more of your musculature, fewer reps are required to achieve the same results.
Safety is improved for several reasons. First, your joints are allowed to track naturally, because you can move and rotate the rings to wherever you find greatest comfort. You can even adjust your hand placement dynamically during each rep, ensuring safety and comfort from beginning to end. Next, your safety is improved because you must always be under control while on the rings. Flailing away with improper form is not even possible. Lastly, your stabilizers muscles engage automatically and protect your joints. On dips, you have no choice but to use your lats ( back ), otherwise the rings will fly away. On a dip stand, you might never learn to use your lats properly. On rings, safety never compromises performance.

Ring training benefits
•Significant gains in upper body strength
•Excellent abdominal workout and improvements in core strength
•Novel training method that helps reduce boredom
•Improved posture
•A lifetime of challenges that is suitable for beginners and experts alike
•Almost works the entire body / the variety of exercises
•It can be a good plateau buster
•More natural movement working within range of motion
•Its great for pull-ups, chin-ups and dips
•It’s fun!

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