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Attended a course on Saturday, MMA Fitness level 1 at Virgin Active in the City.

Walked in, first impression wow what an amazing array of equipment! These guys know how to setup a gym.

A short introduction to the class with Sylvia, our instructor for the day. Class content covered, off we went with our partners.

Course was hands on, litteraly, the only way to really learn. Repetition after repetition, we learnt the basics, pummeling, clinches, break falls, some of the techniques were modified with a purpose - Safe application to your general population.

So much to take in on the day, like all martial arts discipline, years of consistent training is required to master any style. Master I am, very far from it! With a touch more confidence running through my body and a thirst to learn, a want to rumble on the ground. I finished up the day on a high.

Overall I had a great experience, learned a lot, had fun and met great trainers.

I really look forward to level 2 in September for some advanced techniques, in the meantime I am trying to find/make time to pummel myself into some Jiu Jitsu classes.

- Christophe

Check these guys out at MMA Fitness - Quality class and intructions!






Olympics start Friday, 27 July 2012

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Will this man defeat history or will he repeat history?!

Look forward to the London Olympics
Count down has started – 17 days to go!

On my watch list
Gymnastics Artistic

What are you guys looking forward to ?


Battle Rhythm and Ropes

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Saturday workshop at the UTS – Battle rope training


One Bar you may find me on a Friday night cap

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‎”So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health.” – A. J. Reb Materi..


First of all Happy new year to you all!

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2012 has already started with a BANG
Hope everyone had a some to relax the mind and body.
Now let’s talk fitness.

On the menu this Summer:
Introducing Afternoon group sessions at the Rocks – Observatory Hill
Monday and Wednesday 5:30pm

> Map <

Morning group Rushcutter's Bay Park session -
Running hot every Thursday at 7:30am

No ifs and buts, time to make a change.

Any questions don't hesitate to contact me!


Sydney Group Sessions

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Grab them whilst they’re hot people!!
Join and be part of our group, let’s get you looking toned and terrific.
Only a few places remaining.

Contact me to register at or 0409 726 950

Session Times:
6:00am – 7:00am Tuesday and Thursday
Unlimited Access to EVERY session, EVERY week, for 5 weeks.
$200 ( 10 sessions available )

Per Visit on Casual Basis


HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training

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One of the greatest and easiest ways to:
A) lose weight quickly
B) increase your cardiovascular endurance in a relatively short time.
In principle you are trying to create a 2:1 ratio of high intensity to low intensity training. Let me explain this further.

When you are training in the High End Interval you are virtually pushing your self to your limit, for that period of time – don’t worry it’s brief. During the Low End Interval you are actively resting. Think of it as a break from the heavy work but still moving. This is the base of a proper HIIT routine.

Example of a HIIT Workout
1. Warm up with a casual jog. Get your heart rate up and your body nice and limber, (roughly 5 to 10 minutes).
2. High Interval – Sprint at full speed for 30 seconds.
3. Low Interval – Actively Rest for 60 seconds. Think of a moderately fast walk or slow jog.
4. Repeat between High and Low Intervals for the allocatted amount of sets.

There you have it. You are using the 2:1 ratio of rest to work. You are letting your body recover just enough so that you can burst in the next interval session. The above is considered 1 set and normally this would be performed for 8 – 15 sets. If you calculate the total time you will be finished in roughly 12 to 22.5 minutes. If you are now starting out, I would recommend using the lower time and working your way up to the 30 minute range. Try and incorporate HIIT training into your workouts 1 to 2 times a week. Use it as a change up from basic cardio.

TABATA Training
Tabata consists of a 20 second maximum intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. This is considered to be one cycle and should be repeated for 8 cycles for a total of 4 minutes. Here you could also incorporate active rest, as you did with HIIT, or you could just rest.

The importance for HIIT?
HIIT training forces your body to adapt to various changes in training intensity. Therefore, you will be adjusting your heart rate and forcing it to accomodate to increasing effort and eventual exhaustion. Our bodies are not used to pushing out full effort at any given time. When we do it continuously and under control we train our body to adapt faster and more efficiently. Therefore, we increase our cardiovascular health, our endurance and our speed. Oh, and let’s not forget we get shredded as well! HIIT is great for increasing our metabolism quickly and prolonging the increased metabolism way past our actual exercise time. Higher metabolism means increased calorie burn.

Summary of HIIT
2:1 Ratio of Rest to Work
High Interval – 30 seconds
Lower Interval – 60 seconds
Finished in roughly 12 to 22.5 minutes
Beginner 1 to 2 times a week

So, there you have it. The basics behind HIIT training and how to implement it into your training. Enjoy and ease yourself into it. If you push too hard you may injure yourself, which will waste your previous efforts


The Evolution of Exercise (featured athlete) Niroc

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Niroc – this guy is insane! Video is nicely done..
Keep tab on this guy


Crazy and innovative moves !

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Alright who’s up for some real training! Fresh and impressive.

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