About Christophe

I love sport. It’s good for me. It’s been my life since I was a kid. I migrated to Australia from France at the age of 10 and found a nation that completely sparked my passion for fitness. I love the outdoors, so for me exercise is a way of life. Now I am fulfilled, personally and professionally, as an exercise therapist, having completed my Certificate 3 & 4 in fitness instruction & personal training and my diploma in fitness. I have been providing tailored-program training for the last decade. During this time I have also been the manager of a community-based fitness centre. Having the opportunity and privilege to work with all kinds of people at the centre, from seniors to kids to disadvantaged individuals, has given me the skills and experience to create personal-training programs for a range of fitness outcomes.

Successful training is sometimes about trial and error but mostly about finding what works for you. I am all for simplicity in terms of training, modalities and programs and believe it’s essential that we all practice what we preach.


Certificate 3 & 4 in fitness
Master trainer certificate
Diploma in fitness FIA
CHISM certificate 4 in children’s fitness
Kettlebell Level 1 & 2 advanced certified
MMA Level 1 & 2 certified
Punch Pad Boxing instructor certified
Battle rope certified
Power bag certified
Senior First Aid certified
Registered with Fitness Australia and Insured

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