History of Powerbands
Resistance bands (like Power Bands) have been around since 1980. They were invented by Coach Dick Hartzell. Prior to that, there were many different forms of elastic resistance used. These were primarily made out of a rubber similar to that used in tires. They were typically looked upon as a large rubber band that could be used to offer sprinters or football players a resistance to run against to enhance linear speed. They eventually began to be used as resistance with weight machine.

However it wasn’t until the past 5 years that bands began to be used as a functional strength training tool. It is in the functional arena that resistance bands have found their home and will continue to dominate. Resistance bands ability to accelerate momentum and gravity while challenging ground reaction time is the key to functional resistance band training

The benefits of RBT are absolutely UNLIMITED
•Their versatility is endless
•Strength and Power
•Speed and agility training
•Jumping / Plyometrics
•Flexibility and Tractioning exercises
•Joint Mobility
•Rehabilitation / Rehabilitation

Dave Schmitz -
A world authority on resistance band training.
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