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Posted by Christophe on July 18, 2012 in MyPersonalTrainer |

Attended a course on Saturday, MMA Fitness level 1 at Virgin Active in the City.

Walked in, first impression wow what an amazing array of equipment! These guys know how to setup a gym.

A short introduction to the class with Sylvia, our instructor for the day. Class content covered, off we went with our partners.

Course was hands on, litteraly, the only way to really learn. Repetition after repetition, we learnt the basics, pummeling, clinches, break falls, some of the techniques were modified with a purpose - Safe application to your general population.

So much to take in on the day, like all martial arts discipline, years of consistent training is required to master any style. Master I am, very far from it! With a touch more confidence running through my body and a thirst to learn, a want to rumble on the ground. I finished up the day on a high.

Overall I had a great experience, learned a lot, had fun and met great trainers.

I really look forward to level 2 in September for some advanced techniques, in the meantime I am trying to find/make time to pummel myself into some Jiu Jitsu classes.

- Christophe

Check these guys out at MMA Fitness - Quality class and intructions!





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